Born in 1978, Ambroise Maggiar is a French designer profoundly influenced by Italian design history. He now lives and works in Milano.

After his graduation from ENSAD (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs) in Product Design, he moved to Milan where he could express his sensibility in design while working in a challenging professional environment.

From 2005 to 2010, he designed successful household appliances, working for Makio Hasuike. During his long time experience in Milan, facing real mass-production processes, he learned to grasp design opportunities in every detail, mixing minimalistic and organic elements.

He also teams up with La Cabane Perchée, a tree-house company based in France, offering his expertise and design vision to several case studies.

He moved back to Paris in 2011 to collaborate with Philippe Starck, helping developing projects in many fields thanks to his comprehensive industrial and eclectic knowledge. Since 2012, he has been co-signing products for both Kartell and Magis, becoming Head of Design Team.
In 2014-2015, Ambroise Maggiar signed an entire collection of children’s furniture for TOG “AllCreatorsTogether”, playing on the idea of objects with dual uses that keep in mind both the children’s and the parents’ needs, as well as their expectations of contemporary furniture.

In 2016, he worked with Pretziada in Sardinia, Italy to create Ceremony, a set of contemporary fireplace tools, an interdisciplinary project that combines the worlds of craftsmanship, design and journalism.

At the exact opposite but with the same commitment, he designed Table.Video for Label Dalbin in 2016, a connected furniture mixing art, music, design and technology. This innovative table displays videos and images conceived by artists especially for this hybrid object.
Exhibited  at Colette Paris, Le Bon Marché in 2016; Art Basel Miami and Hotel Bauer during Biennale di Venezia in 2017

In 2017/2018, he worked in Milano as Head of Design Team at Studio Urquiola.

Since 2019, he opened Ambroise Maggiar Design Studio in Milano.

Maggiar’s strength lies in his ability to remain analytical and methodical, while always infusing his work with his signature playfulness.

Since 2019

Ambroise Maggiar Design Studio – Milano, Italy
Clients :
La Cabane Perchée – Art Director / Designer
Artworlove Paris – Head of Design
Groupe Laurent Taieb, Omega, Lacks Enterprises, Pretziada, Label Dalbin


Patricia Urquiola – Milano, Italy
Head of Design Team


Philippe Starck – Paris, France
Head of Design Team


Makio Hasuike & Co– Milano, Italia
Product Designer & Project Manager SCHOLTÈS

ENSAD Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs – Paris, France
Product Design

Table.Vidéo for Label Dalbin

Ceremony Firestool kit for Pretziada

Generic Café with P.Starck for Kartell

Pays Sage for TOG – All Creators Together

Cyclope for La Cabane Perchée

Ding Dong with P.Starck for Kartell

Vodo Masko / Castable / Apolo Chapo for TOG – All Creators Together

Calippo with P.Starck for Magis

Ideas Box with P.Starck for Bibliothèque Sans Frontières

S.S.S.S with P.Starck for Magis

Abbraccaiao with P.Starck for Kartell